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What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

In a Omnichannel marketing strategy, you set up various marketing touchpoints which reinforce each other to ease a customer through their buying journey.

Omnichannel is particularly important for the sole reason that over  70% of consumers use three channels (or touchpoints) or more on a regular daily basis. For example, you may use social media as a channel to gain followers, and attract them to your website, where you may sell your products, and educate your customers further, then you may use print media as a channel to nurture leads and advertise promotions or sales, then you may partake in a community events or sponsor a local non profit organization or event, to show your involvement, and engage with your customers on a personal level and close the deal.

There are SO many different touchpoints you can use in your marketing strategy, and we offer them all. It is a FUN, EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, way of marketing your business to its fullest potential. Work with us today and give your business the ULTIMATE EDGE in exposure to all your potential customers!

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Graphic Design From labels to logos, billboards to print & Facebook advertisements 

Branding Your social media, website, email signature, logo and advertisements work together. 

Logo Design A strong business and powerful logo go hand in hand. 

Training & Consulting We never turn down an opportunity to get involved and show you the ropes.

Community Events Want to get move involved in your community but not sure where to start?

Event Planning & Management Hosting a launch event? A customer appreciation day?

Fundraising You don’t have to do it alone!

Website Design & Development A website is the backbone of any business’ online presence.LEARN MORE

Website Marketing What good is your website if no one sees it?

Content Writing Well-developed content delivers the right message to audiences.

Public Relations Building strategic partnerships and relationships.

Marketing Strategies Prior to action, you need a strategy!

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